Hello! I’m Christall Lowe.

I’m a food stylist and photographer based out of the beautiful Manawatu in New Zealand.

I’m also a cook, a recipe developer, an established artist and a serial entrepreneur. And I just can’t seem to help falling into business. Such is the life of a creative following a passion!

My specialty is creating detail rich, moody photographs with a lot of depth, guiding the viewers eye through a shot that has been thoughtfully styled and considered. And moody doesn’t just mean dark. I also produce light and bright food photography with an ethereal sense of mood and depth that captivates the senses.

As well as being a busy Mum of three children, I spend my days photographing food, product and lifestyle images for both large and small food brands, restaurants and cafes, publications and top chefs. You can check out my lovely client portfolio here.

Sometimes I’m in my own kitchen producing dishes according to a brief or developing recipes for clients, and sometimes I’m capturing the amazing work of world class chefs. No two days are the same and I love it. My images have been used on everything from billboards to website banners, food packaging to the side of buses, cinema screen adverts to cookbooks. (PS - it’s my dream to produce an entire cookbook for someone, is that someone you? Holla at me!)

I’ve got a well honed eye for detail, scale, composition, light and all the technical things.
Plus I work with a huge amount of creative intuition, a ‘knowing’ of when something works.

But more importantly, I do more than just take a photo of an object.
I create images that connect.

I love what I do. Do you? Then let’s work together.

Christall x


  • I’ve been in some sort of business for myself for twenty years now - or thirty if you count selling crafts door to door as a ten year old (for real!). My creative endeavours have seen me featured on everything from TVNZ One News (my first ever media appearance as a fledgling inventor) to magazines such as Next, North and South and various interior design magazines, book features and even a documentary was produced about me and my work. I’ve been a product designer, a maker, and a marketer, and have established and sold four companies in my entrepreneurial journey.

  • I originally studied at Victoria University in Wellington and became an interior architect, but the work was mundane and the creative in me couldn’t keep away from the kitchen, and eventually from the camera. I’ve been cooking from a young age and there was just something about creating, sharing and capturing food that lit a fire within me, and drew me to become a professional food stylist and food photographer.