Sunday 31 March, 2019
4 Hours: 1pm - 5pm
Location: Amayjen the Restaurant, Angus Suite, 7-12 Fergusson Street, Feilding

Christall Lowe Food Stylist and Photographer, and award winning chef Andrew May have teamed up to create a very special masterclass experience. Andrew will demonstrate the making of an exquisite dessert showcasing seasonal ingredients, technique and plating, and Christall will show you how to then style and capture your dish to create jaw dropping imagery.

In this 4 hour hands on workshop you'll learn all about:

  • Creating a white and dark chocolate indulgent dessert with textures of seasonal fruit, with set cream custard and gels

  • Food styling techniques and the fundamentals of composition, light and colour, and how these can make or break an image

  • Composing beautiful scenes and visual storytelling

  • Manipulating natural light - no flash or studio lighting required!

  • Making the most of your camera or phone to produce stunning images

  • Basic editing on your phone or computer to take your images to the next level, and to manipulate mood.

  • Plus, learn about the essential props and tools you need in your kit, that don't cost the earth and are easily found at home or thrift shops and hardware stores.

  • You will then put into practice what you've learned and will each create amazing food scenes for an amazing foodie shoot (and get to enjoy your dessert!)

  • You'll also receive a written guide to take away with you

This class is for anyone interested in food styling and photography, who want to learn the very basics as well as advanced techniques to take it to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned foodie, a home cook, blogger, Instagrammer, content creator, brand rep, you want to write a cook book, or you simply want to be able to take amazing photos of food or products! You will learn the key things you need to know to create those killer shots.

This is only a small class due to the one-on-one nature of this workshop, where you will receive guidance and feedback from industry pros. Tickets are limited!

What you will need to bring: a camera (DSLR, mirrorless or point and shoot is also fine), or a good quality phone camera.

About Christall Lowe:

Christall Lowe is an award winning interior architect turned food stylist and food photographer with a love of food that spans back to childhood. Through her various creative pursuits over the past 20 years she has honed in and mastered the art of styling and photography. She eventually found her niche in food and product styling working with a wide range of local and international food and beverage companies - producing entire campaigns from her very own home studio in Feilding. She also produces mouth watering imagery for editorial and magazines, and especially loves restaurant photography - capturing the magic of the chefs behind the scenes and their delectable dishes, all within the unique atmosphere of the restaurant.

About Andrew May:

Andrew is from The Manawatu and has been in the Hospitality Industry for over 20 years. He travelled extensively throughout Europe and Zimbabwe where he extended his repertoire whilst discovering new ingredients and techniques. 

On returning to the United Kingdom he started working as Head Chef in one of Scotland’s Top Country House Hotels which is a member of “Relais and Chateau”, and won the most prestigious award of Scottish Chef of the Year in 2009/2010

Andrew started Amayjen the Restaurant (pronounced Imagine) with his wife Jenni in 2014, starting another culinary story with one of their main goals being, one of Manawatu’s finest eating establishments, just by giving the locals a modern and innovative approach to cooking fresh local ingredients that were already on their doorstep. 

Andrew has developed his style at Amayjen gaining accomplishments and awards in his own right, including Amayjen being named as one of the top 100 restaurants in New Zealand. He feels at home in the kitchen but if he’s not creating dishes you’ll often find him out foraging for ingredients, including a variety of wild fruits, herbs, flowers to add a personal touch to his dishes. 

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