Sunday 10 June, 2018
3 Hours: 1pm - 4pm
Location: The Space Feilding, 7 MacArthur Street, Feilding

This class is for anyone interested in food styling and photography, who want to learn the very basics as well as advanced techniques to take it to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned foodie (pun intended), a home cook, blogger, Instagrammer, content creator, brand rep, you want to write a cook book, or you simply want to be able to take amazing photos of food or products! I’m going to teach you ALL the things you need to know to create those killer shots.

In this 3 hour hands on workshop you'll learn all about:

  • Food styling techniques

  • Composing beautiful scenes

  • Storytelling and composition essentials

  • Manipulating natural light

  • Making the most of your camera or phone to produce stunning images

  • Basic editing on your phone or computer to take your images to the next level, and to manipulate mood.

  • Plus, learn about the essential props and tools you need in your kit, that don't cost the earth and are easily found at home or thrift shops and hardware stores.

  • You'll also get some of my most secret recipes and tricks for creating incredible scenes, that I've never shared before!

  • We will then put into practice what you've learned and will each create amazing food scenes for an awesome foodie shoot (and enjoy the amazing food and beverages along the way).

  • You'll also receive a written guide to take away with you, which is part of my online course.

This is only a small class due to the one-on-one nature of this workshop, where you will receive guidance and feedback from an industry pro. Tickets are limited!

What you will need to bring: a camera (dslr, mirrorless or point and shoot is also fine), or a good quality phone camera.

About your host Christall Lowe:

Christall Lowe is an award winning interior architect turned stylist and photographer with a love of food that spans back to childhood. Through her various creative pursuits over the past 18 years she has honed in and mastered the art of styling and photography. She eventually found her niche in food and product styling working with a wide range of local and international food and beverage companies - producing entire campaigns from her very own home studio in Feilding. She has now founded The Style Tales, an online style school with courses and guides for all aspects of food and product styling, photography and creative business.